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STICKY: Holy shit snopes mentions are greatbort!   10/18/17  (93)
The life of Jim Kelly tp is a great cautionary tale of the dangers of GC    10/18/17  (21)
@realDonaldTrump: Tell that to Israel, Chuck!    10/18/17  (6)
realdonaldtrump:Comey was on knees 4 Hillary faster than actress@Weinstein party    10/18/17  (2)
My Gen-X boss is too scared to FIRE me    10/18/17  (42)
Trump serious about jailing Crooked Hillary.    10/18/17  (5)
CNN: Trump ignoring that war vs ISIS started under Obama    10/18/17  (2)
Orlando attacks happened after the shooter was kicked out of Pounder's ...    10/18/17  (2)
Kelly Ward has a 26 point lead over CUCK Jeff Flake LOL    10/18/17  (3)
XO Bart Gunn: Brawl for All champion, defeated former UFC fighter in mma fight    10/18/17  (2)
Halford, IFNB bros: What's the latest on Beef Boy '13?    10/18/17  (23)
hawaii judge: here's how hillary clinton can still be president: *points to self    10/18/17  (4)
Safe to cream pie while girl is on period or will she get pregnant?    10/18/17  (2)
Soros transfers $18 billion to his foundation    10/18/17  (2)
*nk missile stops midair, head opens w/ message like cartoons* "fucked wg last n    10/18/17  (5)
so did Trump really speed up annihilation of ISIS?    10/18/17  (3)
@realdonaldtrump: mushroom clouds over Pyongyang will be rly special, believe me    10/18/17  (1)
@realdonaldtrump: Gorsuch, less regulations, ISIS DEAD, Kim Jong next!    10/18/17  (1)
Xo meetup at Royal Rumble in Philly on 1/28/18. Who's in?    10/18/17  (9)
Petition to ban 4chan links from here (bump)    10/18/17  (17)
Chuck to Jimmy McGill: Yes I told Howard to fire you and the holocaust was a lie    10/18/17  (3)
Friend had two Jamaican guys at our place while I was out, wallet missing    10/18/17  (2)
if someone got an injury like gordon hayward's 100 years ago they would be det    10/18/17  (6)
gordon hawyard's foot is pointing in the wrong direction    10/18/17  (3)
Hillary refers to Russian election "interference" as a cyber 9/11    10/18/17  (43)
Me too. I smiled at a woman. I don't know if she wanted me to smile or not.    10/18/17  (2)
Why dont you guys ever try honestly to articulate the libtard position just as a    10/18/17  (319)
Kissing Boys: The Subtle Hipster Troll story.    10/18/17  (1)
jefe why don't you target that clitdick "steez" aka "we're electing trump"?    10/18/17  (12)
Holdup, you seem pretty "woke" on the Holocaust question.    10/18/17  (18)
Actuarially speaking, you live longer if you drink a bottle of wine a day.    10/18/17  (36)
"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children" -Russian Judge    10/18/17  (6)
-- "Can I get two tens?" -- "RACIST!"    10/18/17  (14)
Russians supporting Weinstein    10/18/17  (5)
List of groups more militant than Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist/Fascist    10/18/17  (19)
XO ANAGRAMS GAME TIME. Little Marco Rubio: Irritable Cum Tool    10/18/17  (19)
"I clearly said fucklibs!"*recording plays*: 'Obama 08... fuck h8' "LIBS are h8!    10/18/17  (1)
The racism on this board is out of control and sickening    10/18/17  (104)
gun to your head: someone forces you to play "tiddlywinks"    10/18/17  (2)
Imagine a homeschooled child who learns math from his parents and life from XO    10/18/17  (31)
Why isn't the European Uppercut used in other combat sports?    10/18/17  (11)
Texas toddler dies after siblings put her in oven, guess race    10/18/17  (54)
We all live in a simulation. When Jesus said "saved" he meant as a file.    10/18/17  (16)
National Socialism is the only cr form of government    10/18/17  (25)
OMG whites are EVIL    10/18/17  (16)
No, we always just meant "black people" when we said "divesity" (NYT)    10/18/17  (48)
Is this picture racist?    10/18/17  (1)
Further to the subject of your future wife    10/18/17  (205)
Okay these ASMR roleplay vids are getting a little out of hand (link)    10/18/17  (2)
Weird Asmr girls shining lights into your face via youtube    10/18/17  (2)
Reminder: Hitler was kind to everyone, even little animals.    10/18/17  (19)
Remember that backpacking trip through Europe you did at age 20? What a disaster    10/18/17  (96)
SUMMON: HoldUpHoldUpWhat    10/18/17  (7)
Me and Dux, 100% straight, having tantric sex on the roof of K Mart    10/18/17  (21)
Did your underwear preference change over time?    10/18/17  (14)
Holdup tp how stretched out is your money-maker?    10/18/17  (11)
Pussy is an empty promise.    10/18/17  (3)
Serious Q: were Americans always afraid to speak their mind?    10/18/17  (3)
Turns out this "Chapo" faggot is a pervy fag who lives with his parents lol    10/18/17  (9)
what kind of food do you bros eat when you're hungry?    10/18/17  (26)
ITT I poast good excerpts from Ann Coulter's master work Adios America!    10/18/17  (11)
Can really see leftist media after Trump on "he signed up for it" quote    10/18/17  (11)
REMINDER: female cats with cerebral cortex removed would successfully mate    10/18/17  (27)
Yesterday, I got into my car and cried    10/18/17  (9)
Bros, I regret to inform you that WMTP took his own life tonight    10/18/17  (55)
This thread makes intolerant racists mad. LJL, racists!    10/18/17  (43)
i love how it gets dumb shitlibs like blue smoke/idris elba MAF earl = trumpmo    10/18/17  (40)
Rate these HS cheerleaders sharing their houghts on racism    10/18/17  (18)
gordon hayward's wife is a 10/10    10/18/17  (12)
Can any whites justify GORDON HAYWARD's salary?    10/18/17  (8)
Good news. Only a broken ankle for Gordon Hayward    10/18/17  (2)
Do you trust Amazon reviewers who say "Product was provided free in exchange for    10/18/17  (5)
Nixon on #MeToo    10/18/17  (1)
Gordon Hayward has season ending injury. Lebron manages to make it about himself    10/18/17  (1)
ridge racer 4 has greatest game intro of all time    10/18/17  (10)
Hispanic neighbor coming home late and leaving early with shitbox car next to my    10/18/17  (4)
John Kasich is now praising Linkin Park, "there are not many songs better than N    10/18/17  (1)
doobs nursing peterman, feeding him his "colostrum"    10/18/17  (8)
no weed/tobacco/alcohol for two weeks    10/18/17  (7)
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare (longread    10/18/17  (81)
Millennials are such dramatically better people than Boomers its astounding    10/18/17  (1)
guy eats 150 year old piece of civil war hard tack ration(video)    10/18/17  (1)
want to watch a psychologicaly rattling movie that is not grotesque    10/18/17  (47)
crazy how this site is one of the last bastions of sanity    10/18/17  (11)
black olives matter    10/18/17  (3)
tumblr of early 20s chicks with thick eyebrows and weird facial piercings    10/18/17  (1)
I have started littering a lot more now that I know robots will pick it all up    10/18/17  (1)
Crazy how this site was one of the first bastions of LINsanity    10/18/17  (1)
Does this song from Mario 64 make you sad?    10/18/17  (18)
2100: 1/3 of World Population will be African    10/18/17  (5)
Let's study Arabic! (Sickly)    10/18/17  (15)
Rate this response on whether banking is worth it    10/18/17  (12)
Evan39, do you make the pharmacists clean toilets and shit with their doctorates    10/18/17  (12)
I play Russian Roulette with 5 rounds in the chamber. That's the difference.    10/18/17  (5)
gonna quit my job to start making clickbait pictures...    10/18/17  (2)
can you buy a car with a credit card?    10/18/17  (12)
Who are the "no medical/legal/tax/veterinary advice" Nazi moderators?    10/18/17  (6)
daily mail has proven that women do 99% of the teacher/student raping    10/18/17  (6)
eating pussy is the most unnatural thing imaginable-who invented this sick shit?    10/18/17  (41)
Donald Faison (Turk from Scrubs) Dead After a Shootout w Brentwood Police    10/18/17  (2)
Arizona Summit: The Worst Law School in America?    10/18/17  (60)
Earl can take cock in the ass. But I keep cock coming back.That's the difference    10/18/17  (28)
Are people in Thailand outraged at Dr. Marc Faber?    10/18/17  (1)
I went 9 years without drinking    10/18/17  (3)
Why did Alito recuse himself from ruling on subpoenas?    10/18/17  (87)
ETH-rich Peterman swirling, sniffing, sipping a glass of the finest semen    10/18/17  (11)
I support nyuug and so should you    10/18/17  (49)
Mandalay Bay story unraveling... weird campos interview and lady said abt firewo    10/18/17  (1)
just pulled the trigger on 3 CT shirts. you guys better not be wrong.    10/18/17  (21)
Stop calling me Asian you fucking fags. I'm NOT    10/18/17  (5)
XO Tennis Crew Uprising Against Tennis Boart Ghettoization Is 180 #tennis    10/18/17  (11)
ggtp what is that Jap brand of shirt you like?    10/18/17  (4)
Senate launches probe into obama era russian nuclear bribery case (link)    10/18/17  (1)
*checks "by you"* -- "yeah doc, looks like I was manic may thru july, depressed    10/18/17  (1)
Dodgers/Nats fans, how scared AF are you of facing the Cubs in the postseason?    10/18/17  (25)
Next for libs: force tech companies to shut out white males from programmer jobs    10/18/17  (1)
FagSox, ChiSox & Cubs All Winning WS In ~10 Yr Period = Thanks GC    10/18/17  (3)
"613" is too much. That's why Jews go buckwild with regecting morals.    10/18/17  (14)
Kevin Spacey: the next Weinstein    10/18/17  (77)
Audi vs bmw reliability?    10/18/17  (89)
boner you're sick and need help    10/18/17  (7)
*kevin spacey hatefucking your ass*    10/18/17  (1)
JFC! Golden State and Houston in a close match 2 minutes left    10/18/17  (3)
making Oriental Institute lectures available on YT is maybe UChicago's    10/18/17  (1)
Seriously underrated car - VW Golf R    10/18/17  (33)
don't be shy ask all ur hot q's itt    10/18/17  (13)
Right, bread. You said, "Go to bread"    10/18/17  (1)
pornography is lies..some actresses with many "my first squirting orgasm" videos    10/18/17  (1)
You order Wendy's drive through. I make your order. That's the difference. (WMTP    10/18/17  (8)
Cliffs for why the alt right is obsessed with the so called "Holodomor"?    10/18/17  (64)
*Valium wears off* *becomes alert* *immediately fucks with bull pen* (Joe Maddo    10/18/17  (4)
so I test drove the X5, the Cayenne, the XC90, the GX460, and GLE350    10/18/17  (60)
Gossip site reporting McKayla has a TWO HOUR sex tape    10/18/17  (40)
Did people fail to read fairytales when they were kids? Explain, libs.    10/18/17  (14)
Hate the dodgers and yankees but it would be a 180 world series    10/18/17  (1)
Cubs suck now, disband em. Trade Bryant, Rizzo, Russell, and Baez for Pujols    10/18/17  (9)
EPAH    10/18/17  (15)
haven't watched the heyward injury yet. is he det    10/18/17  (1)
n u v e e n    10/18/17  (5)
Sickens me that "Social Justice Warriors" are more concerned w/ racism than (DTP    10/18/17  (16)
transgender woman on trial for sexually assaulting 10 yo girl in bathroom    10/18/17  (5)
TedCruzTP    10/18/17  (5)
"Holy shit bort is incredibly mentally ill today" *realize you clicked on By You    10/18/17  (47)
Can hear the dude who lives below me snoring Jfc    10/18/17  (5)
"Hepatitis J?! What the fuck?!" -- Peterman to ER nurse.    10/18/17  (31)
Is the Cubs pumo jjc?    10/18/17  (2)
goodnight xo *starts eating own hand, arm, torso*    10/18/17  (61)
Legit fattie writing "fit men ONLY" on her app profile    10/18/17  (14)
So the Dodgers suck now and the Cubs are streaking?    10/18/17  (19)
anyways, gotta go    10/18/17  (2)

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