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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
What kind of person fails the bar exam?    07/22/18  (23)
Facefucked a legit 8.5 BLACK French girl last night. Taking ?s ITT. BGWAG!    07/22/18  (29)
Wind River is better than every 2018 Oscar nominated movie    07/22/18  (2)
DTP: ima be straight up with you my nigga    07/22/18  (10)
Rate this Jew and his 180 as fuck collection    07/22/18  (6)
Putin's favorite Congressman Rohrabacher losing race in heavily GOP district    07/22/18  (2)
legit never seen anything like today's treasonous lying "media"    07/22/18  (6)
all i have in my apt is a pan and some forks - what can i realistically cook?    07/22/18  (30)
McDonald's Extra Value Meal for $2 Every Friday Using ONE WEIRD TRICK    07/22/18  (3)
lol some drunk GM executive just crashed the Pace Car at the Detroit Grand Prix    07/22/18  (11)
Shake Shack is like McDonalds, except it costs more & doesnt taste as good    07/22/18  (13)
bloodacre or Earl: can you restore these threads MAF Russian mod garbaged?    07/22/18  (2)
Georgia 18 y/o white girl makes racist text to wrong college roommate! (DTP)    07/22/18  (53)
The watchmen license thread was shitmodded    07/22/18  (8)
Need legal geniuses GTTTR + libslurper120 to explain how each indictment = Trump    07/22/18  (16)
Spaceporn - qu tal tu familia. Que hacen esta fin de semana    07/22/18  (6)
Any of you faggots at all curious about the Magnitsky thing?    07/22/18  (16)
How many of the five California bar essays will be MBE topics?    07/22/18  (6)
Molinari & Vinci LLP    07/22/18  (2)
should i go cop a lobster roll sandwich from lobster foodtruck?    07/22/18  (6)
Ben Shapiro explains why Jesus is not the messiah    07/22/18  (1)
It's insane that people wait until their 40s to have "mid-life" crises (DTP)    07/22/18  (9)
Why are there so many Jews in NYC who look totally white?    07/22/18  (35)
JJC now posting as "Trump's 2020 concession speech"    07/22/18  (4)
reminder: "getting" women becomes old    07/22/18  (12)
FW: FWD: FWD: Evan39 gets destroyed by boomer. Priceless!    07/22/18  (7)
Danish Butter Cookies: Let's bash this TTT    07/22/18  (69)
ESPN two mins after the open: fuck this white shit...PGA ODDS ARE OUT    07/22/18  (1)
Atlanta Fed estimates Q2 GDP at 4.5%. Libs?    07/22/18  (6)
Amazon haters: what is your bear case for Amazon stock?    07/22/18  (13)
i get really impatient now when someone in front of me on line pays w/cash    07/22/18  (54)
IOTA and Byteball are the future    07/22/18  (17)
hey DTP i'm gonna SMASH a petite azn fob girl tonight in ur honor    07/22/18  (5)
remember when Obama TRAVELED to UK, threatened them not to vote for Brexit    07/22/18  (3)
just loled picturing some sweaty smelly paki running the "Watchmen" schtick    07/22/18  (21)
DTP taking questions, haven't touched a girl in 1/2 year (DTP)    07/22/18  (5)
RATE this hot tranny getting caught jerking off by her hot tranny roommate    07/22/18  (13)
I could afford multiple properties, they'd just be in shitty areas    07/22/18  (1)
was laptop poasting in coffeeshop, chick sitting behind me gave me MAF look as    07/22/18  (5)
Ted cruz tp screeching in fluent Yucatec Maya while damn daddy rails him    07/22/18  (5)
Reminder: some Russians posted BLM ads on Facebook    07/22/18  (8)
Confrontation with thugette over parking in a handicapped space = dead thug    07/22/18  (119)
Whok's heart sinks as Jinx winks at two Latinx twinks    07/22/18  (14)
Rate this 800k House 45 mins from ATL (10 bedrooms)    07/22/18  (5)
hey whokebe, watchmen was your last friend on here and we pwned him. kill urself    07/22/18  (1)
will never be able to afford multiple properties to both live in and rent out    07/22/18  (6)
Niggers Illegally Parking In Handicapped Spaces Should Be Shot Dead    07/22/18  (34)
*microaggresses the FUCK out of sharklasers*    07/22/18  (1)
reminder: stainless steel knives are SHIT pure SHIT    07/22/18  (3)
Rate this 21 year old UCLA UG im banging tomorrow    07/22/18  (58)
From now on, I choose to live as a disgraced man. That's the difference. (WMTP)    07/22/18  (5)
Xo to watchmen: "You want it to be one way. But it's the other way."    07/22/18  (9)
Alt-right type conservatives are those who simply value Truth above other values    07/22/18  (49)
Como vamos a cerrar la frontera de xo    07/22/18  (1)
now i get why eminem had to go all in on anti-trumpmoism    07/22/18  (17)
saw bloodacre at the pool today    07/22/18  (17)
US politicians, putin, and the msm    07/22/18  (4)
Sun night u remember the project from Fri that partner said "could wait til Mon"    07/22/18  (2)
Turn up the signal! Wipe out the noise!    07/22/18  (2)
"I'm a MUSICIAN!" said the DJ, pressing play on his laptop & an occasional siren    07/22/18  (6)
Nebraska: date with Destiny. Iowa: never-ending outback bowl births    07/22/18  (42)
Check out these links to Reddit and Daily Mail! (DTP)    07/22/18  (2)
I went all-in on crypto (money, emotions, time, energy) (DTP)    07/22/18  (22)
Is Moscow fun to visit    07/22/18  (1)
Mother-of-four, 33, reveals what it's like to live w/ partner & ex-husband (DTP    07/22/18  (19)
ACP making wildcat noises as I fuck his asshole purple.    07/22/18  (2)
LOL James Gunn actually poasted that "Free Speech" comic    07/22/18  (62)
Oooh Funko Pops! Funzies!    07/22/18  (3)
I post pics of 14-17 y/o girls. You rate which is the hottest. FUCK LIBS.    07/22/18  (275)
wow DTP is real angry today, guessing he didn't SMASH last night??    07/22/18  (7)
remember when wisky had its best team ever, then got beat down by meh tOSU team?    07/22/18  (7)
Hillary is going to run in 2020.    07/22/18  (3)
Jeb! could still run for President in 2020!    07/22/18  (10)
hey nyuug, what happened to your "russian wife"?    07/22/18  (2)
How Can I Make My Partners Parents More Woke? (NYT advice column)    07/22/18  (18)
is Cape Cod overrated?    07/22/18  (33)
Humans Show Racial Bias Towards Robots of Different Colors: Study    07/22/18  (1)
Streaming now, SHT giving a TED talk titled "40-50x, Pen15 vs. Cock"    07/22/18  (13)
Downtown Seattle smells like human feces. Thanks, Libs.    07/22/18  (1)
Chubby blonde girls w big tits    07/22/18  (14)
Penis.    07/22/18  (1)
This is the America libs want for you    07/22/18  (1)
Soviets deserve the credit for beating the Nazis    07/22/18  (2)
lots of Trump voters who were maybe on the fence about Trump-Russia allegations    07/22/18  (21)
Duterte losing popularity by the day    07/22/18  (1)
Trey Gowdy is 180 af    07/22/18  (6)
Welp, i guess its time to start trigger-threading    07/22/18  (4)
Quien prefiere ftbol SEC...como LSU, Bama, Georgia    07/22/18  (1)
*boner police maxing out his credit card for fathers' day*    07/22/18  (1)
Edgewood Arsenal military experiments on U.S. soldiers    07/22/18  (1)
im a super dorky grotesque jew, and im disgusted with dorks    07/22/18  (6)
When I need to relax, I play some BBall by myself    07/22/18  (1)
Spin me closer, tiny ratfuck    07/22/18  (31)
rate Peter Gabriels idiotic, childish rambling, advising 'Remain' vote in 2016    07/22/18  (2)
MIchael Scheuer says its about time to start killing traitors to the republic.    07/22/18  (5)
Peter Gabriel is spinning at Hakkasan tonight    07/22/18  (5)
Rate this all-lawyer 9-5 startup shaking up the billable hours business model    07/22/18  (24)
what % of xo attended a college in lincoln, NE, actually? 40-50%?    07/22/18  (1)
2019 Nebraska: 12-0 or 11-1, wins big ten west    07/22/18  (1)
Female standards in 2018 (pic) (DTP)    07/22/18  (45)
xo Husker crew get ITT    07/22/18  (32)
Is it worth vacationing in Scottsdale, AZ?    07/22/18  (4)
Gut wrenching video: Newfoundland dog before his death    07/22/18  (22)
Trumpmos: what do you honestly think is going on between Trump and Putin?    07/22/18  (91)
Carter Page, Russian agent. Trumpmos, explain    07/22/18  (18)
So "progressive" liberals want to have a nuclear war with Russia?    07/22/18  (37)
Boner Police is a tubby version of Ted Danson    07/22/18  (2)
Julian Assange in prison jumpsuit    07/22/18  (9)
It's insane that any women can order sex as easily as a pizza (DTP)    07/22/18  (58)
Themis MBE practice exam #4 results: 78%. CR?    07/22/18  (17)
25th hour rant but it's lawman8 ranting about xo posters    07/22/18  (46)
At what point will American men take responsibility for their degeneracy? (DTP)    07/22/18  (11)
sunshine makes flowers grow    07/22/18  (14)
Bill Kristol unironically pwns Comey    07/22/18  (2)
shitlibs can't take the L, petitioning to get James Gunn rehired    07/22/18  (9)
RPGs are such a time sink. No time for anything else...    07/22/18  (5)
2 legit 2 quit is better than any contemporary radio rap tracks    07/22/18  (4)
Ted Cruz TP can't speak Spanish    07/22/18  (35)
My wife came home with the kids, shes taking them to her parents this week    07/22/18  (12)
This guy knows how to live life    07/22/18  (5)
What is it about older people living in Washington DC that makes them so stuffy    07/22/18  (1)
Compilation of Joel Osteens best messages    07/22/18  (23)
ew, she got fat hands    07/22/18  (1)
LOL @ socially retarded Jewess Washinton Post blogger    07/22/18  (9)
Anyone else imagine how JUICY women's pussies get in the summer heat?    07/22/18  (16)
Nebraska @ Wisconsin and suddenly 75% of XO stops poasting, why?    07/22/18  (3)
"3 men brutally raped Iowa City woman, 22, as boyfriend, 26 was made to watch"    07/22/18  (8)
Looking to resist Trump book? Try this gay immigrant Muslim furry romance (link)    07/22/18  (2)
CVS pharmacist FIRED for refusing to fill Tranny hormone pill prescri    07/22/18  (1)
Twice failed POTUS candidate and grandma Hillary Clinton really into mumus now    07/22/18  (3)
WUSTL reminds me every day that they offer a "law degree for non lawyers"    07/22/18  (10)
Trumpmos will be remembered for letting America become a subject state to Russia    07/22/18  (1)
Why is this thread in the garbage board?    07/22/18  (7)
Napoleon Dynamite, in full tactical gear, shooting teachers+students (even Pedro    07/22/18  (12)
note how obama still refuses to reduce himself to russia hysteria    07/22/18  (2)
This saucy Asian shrews take on vippasana meditation is kinda cr    07/22/18  (17)
help my wife's son's penis is bigger than mine    07/22/18  (15)
University Olympics    07/22/18  (1)
Unfair and Unjust Laws are easy to support until they affect you    07/22/18  (2)
WH frantically backtracking from Ukraine referendum discussed at Treason Summit    07/22/18  (59)
80% of you kikes don't know Hebrew. trying to attack my Spanish.    07/22/18  (1)
Models are hot, but are they really that hot?    07/22/18  (3)
Moar likely to win a 15th Major: Tiger Woods or Lance "Rafa" Nadal?    07/22/18  (50)
Rate this non-strike call from 2 umpires (vid)    07/22/18  (1)
I admitted to my wife's son that I was concerned about our lack of a sex life    07/22/18  (2)
Describe life on $300k in Waco TX    07/22/18  (4)

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