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That zombie show on tonight?    12/10/17  (1)
List of Heisman QBs UTTTexas didn't recruit: Mayfield, Griffin, Manziel, Luck    12/10/17  (8)
i want you guys to think of me as your cool uncle.    12/10/17  (10)
Colt: French food is total shit. Ever eat a Croissan'wich from BK?    12/10/17  (63)
@GOP just tweeted "in a land of tatted-up freaks, the straight-edge man is king"    12/10/17  (1)
Alan Sokal watching CGI Joker videos: "Wow"    12/10/17  (2)
*doobs startling the shit out of cgi joker*    12/10/17  (4)
Things that are prole tells AND upper class tells but NOT UMC tells    12/10/17  (145)
a julia bot would be easy...holy shit...what if 3/4s poasters are bots?    12/10/17  (1)
ur son sitting quietly as cgi joker gives eulogy at ur funeral    12/10/17  (13)
Reminder: women and men are equal    12/10/17  (2)
a cute 23 yo white homeless girl rejected me tonight TEDCRUZtp    12/10/17  (6)
Prior to entering the NFL, CGI Joker allegedly entered Frozen Elsa's dorm    12/10/17  (3)
report: Susan Collins to flip to Dem cuz of Moore    12/10/17  (2)
joker_laugh.wav playing as CGI Joker stuffs eggroll into JJC's gookchute    12/10/17  (8)
ITT: I name two poasters and you explain the ways in which they are different    12/10/17  (138)
CGI Joker Marries Azn Wife Cum Shots Thor.DIVX rip HD Prius & Mortgage    12/10/17  (26)
i really want to drop acid with nyuug    12/10/17  (2)
Until today I thought 'horse stance' was a gay sex thing    12/10/17  (5)
An someone explain TMFs bizarre obsession with Jeep Grand Cherokees?    12/10/17  (4)
"Take that, take that," I whispered as Colt backed his tight ass up onto my dick    12/10/17  (10)
wow i use this site a lot lets take a look at the code...statcounter wtf!!!!    12/10/17  (1)
Tape of Roy Moore using the n-word surfaces.    12/10/17  (1)
statcounter...?    12/10/17  (3)
Roosh makes exactly $50k    12/10/17  (2)
styled on HR dork with my horse stance training today    12/10/17  (37)
You walk up to the cute young barista you see before work every morning    12/10/17  (35)
Holding a HORSE STANCE to increase POASTING POWER    12/10/17  (14)
look of terror in stranger's eyes as u try to enter their vehicle    12/10/17  (4)
Santa Baby... shimmy up my shitter tonight    12/10/17  (3)
ok to cum inside dad's rental property tenant?    12/10/17  (3)
A very special Christmas with Chelsea Handler, Dr. Kim and Seth MacFarlane!    12/10/17  (2)
HORSE TORCHER is a 180 poaster    12/10/17  (1)
Thought I might have to pull my CONCEALED 9MM on a HOMELESS man today    12/10/17  (8)
Take loan against a rental property to buy 2nd rental prop?    12/10/17  (1)
(New Order voice) I would like a place where my poasts are stored...    12/10/17  (1)
Check out this mentally ill father who hates his children    12/10/17  (8)
one time i walked up to a nyc taxicab and flung open the passenger door and the    12/10/17  (2)
California legislature to vote on permitting inmates to keep smartphones    12/10/17  (1)
*twins holding up photo of a zebra* "does this make you hard?" *checks box yes*    12/10/17  (5)
What accounts for the depth of RSF hate? I don't get it    12/10/17  (94)
*colt speaking into Sam Elliot Talkboy*: that well aint producin like she should    12/10/17  (5)
Nyuug dipstick test: put finger in her puss, and if it's wet, wrap that shit up    12/10/17  (1)
Mad jelly of Peterman's crypto gainz    12/10/17  (3)
having a snowtini, smoking a bowl, grilling a t-bone. Conturds furious!    12/10/17  (6)
What is it with dudes with really thick forearms and wrists having hot daughters    12/10/17  (11)
lets crowdsource a poasting bot. ill do the DOM navigation code. u write algo    12/10/17  (3)
Jmaw is a millionaire    12/10/17  (17)
Chuck Schumer looking at reservation book, "Sorry Mr. Moore, we can't seat you"    12/10/17  (3)
Now that i'm starting to be a gross old man, can totally see appeal of molesting    12/10/17  (38)
Rate this Papa John's employee (pic)    12/10/17  (17)
DrakeMallards tits swinging as he runs into a thread to assure you hes chill    12/10/17  (43)
as of 12/10/17, 593 deaths in Chicago    12/10/17  (6)
A look inside Stacie's life (incel SCHOLARSHIP)    12/10/17  (43)
LMAO, Abigail Van Buren was a made-up name, actually "Pauline Friedman"    12/10/17  (1)
Having hotel breakfast: guess my location (20 Qs)    12/10/17  (45)
flying home    12/10/17  (4)
twins how much pre sesh? sell packaged seshes? more an intellectual thing    12/10/17  (13)
fempoasters, is it pleasureable when gyno sticks their fingers up your vajayjay?    12/10/17  (9)
come ITT if you want to join "Dumbledore's Army" of xo    12/10/17  (15)
Jewish women are legit mentally ill    12/10/17  (8)
How do Jews not kill themselves during childhood?    12/10/17  (2)
How are things going with that bump stock ban?    12/10/17  (2)
Most evil corporations?    12/10/17  (90)
"You think you saw shit in Iraq, bro? Try litigating 20+ cases to trial."    12/10/17  (2)
Spouse thinks I should just let his fat, bitch sister say whatever she wants    12/10/17  (31)
This is one of the few white girls I would put on par w/ asian girls (DTP)    12/10/17  (1)
What if two corporations buy each others shares?    12/10/17  (21)
*twins holding photo of a funky crazy shrew* "Does this maek you hard, hmmm odd    12/10/17  (3)
Some DJ should add Zizek saying "IDEOLOGY!" to rap songs    12/10/17  (1)
jmaw rate this transition / song    12/10/17  (1)
Hello freak bitches    12/10/17  (8)
Fuck it - cancelling the holidays with the inlaws    12/10/17  (2)
Insane that James Harrison still plays    12/10/17  (9)
Never really liked the film "White Christmas" - feels fake and cloying    12/10/17  (4)
Anyone here ever use a weighted blanket? If so, why the fuck not?    12/10/17  (52)
Lib Rule: Minorities CANNOT be the butt of jokes in TV commercials    12/10/17  (4)
Would you give your life for your employer?    12/10/17  (13)
*xo bitcoin billionaire buys CNN, starts playing prorr terr vocaroo on loop*    12/10/17  (5)
Patriotic leader tears up at national anthem    12/10/17  (2)
rate this 18yo girl    12/10/17  (4)
Gf just deflated an air mattress by putting a weighted blanket on it    12/10/17  (3)
"Hi class! I'm Jimmy's dad and I'm a compliance professional. Who knows what tha    12/10/17  (11)
Do any Lawyers here have guys at their office that you call your "brothers?"    12/10/17  (1)
ROFL Amazon drivers have to piss in bottles in order to make their schedules    12/10/17  (11)
*takes deep breath* *adds "haha"* *clicks send* *norwood lvl increases by .1*    12/10/17  (9)
Are netflix gfs capable of stealing weighted blanket covers in sleep?    12/10/17  (5)
Roy Moore closing argument ad: Doug Jones wants to kill babies    12/10/17  (1)
*makes love with BP chick so passionately she chills out*    12/10/17  (2)
can't find job -> retrains as coder -> can't find job -> retrains as welder    12/10/17  (5)
Hispanic running as Trump Republican    12/10/17  (6)
are weighted blankets meant for the couch or the bed?    12/10/17  (2)
What are some cr breathable weighted blankets?    12/10/17  (3)
*lifts weights* *is constantly "cutting"*    12/10/17  (1)
Donovan McNabb on a plane to Philadelphia    12/10/17  (2)
Just beat a Japanese dude at Pokken Tournament    12/10/17  (1)
Ron Jaworkski limbering up his throwing arm    12/10/17  (1)
Good Winter War documentary for ARE Reptile    12/10/17  (4)
Fed Gov Bros, Question for you    12/10/17  (14)
32 too old to apply for med school?    12/10/17  (50)
Should I liquidate my vanguard and dump into crypto? FUCK IT    12/10/17  (7)
Mueller weaponizes Microsoft Word    12/10/17  (6)
Xo is my only news source    12/10/17  (15)
Randall Cunningham making a few phone calls    12/10/17  (1)
I have 3 years of BS work experience on my resume. landed me a 180 gig    12/10/17  (7)
Will Bitcoin skyrocket once crypto ETFs are easily available?    12/10/17  (5)
ancient greek threads were blank bumped with round stones placed near them    12/10/17  (3)
does cia send in people to like break into server rooms and shit?    12/10/17  (8)
Carson Wentz's ACL ligament being grafted onto BARBARO in HELL    12/10/17  (1)
Do any HONEST Trumpcucks want to admit the Deutsche Bank thing scares them?    12/10/17  (55)
I'm all cozy in bed already    12/10/17  (4)
Should I go all in with crypto and invest 250K or just 100K    12/10/17  (38)
the american society of amiable economists agrees, selling kidneys is good!    12/10/17  (3)
maple leafs up 1-0 (halftime)    12/10/17  (2)
Group of cryptorich NEETS posting up in wagecuck rich Potbellys wearing Oculus    12/10/17  (4)
glugging from a bottle of wine. no glass needed. Wine should be spelled win.    12/10/17  (5)
DAMN!!!! Wentz out with ACL injury    12/10/17  (1)
Bodies don't decompose in really deep lakes    12/10/17  (2)
Copped # from a hot as FUCK 19 year old UMiami UG last night    12/10/17  (46)
get fucked!    12/10/17  (4)
"I agree!" thundered GC. "It's a damn injustice you can't sell your kidneys!"    12/10/17  (2)
cumguzzler come ITT    12/10/17  (1)
Living in a Major City must be absolute shit    12/10/17  (2)
Taken memantine for only 4 days and my dopamine receptors are completely reset    12/10/17  (4)
Seasons Leakings from your friends at the Carbondale Flying J    12/10/17  (3)
I still remember watching Smallville in 2002 thinking how chill it was in ARE    12/10/17  (1)
Why the hell would you put money in crypto now    12/10/17  (9)
French is the best language, has cool words like 'oubliette'    12/10/17  (1)
Listening to your GF piss is disgusting.You can tell it gets all over everywhere    12/10/17  (21)
Should a 19 year old girl participate in gangbang? Is it safe?    12/10/17  (3)
Greenwald: Media suffered its most embarrassing debacle in ages (link)    12/10/17  (65)
So biglawyers get marching orders from people like TMF and ARE Reptile?    12/10/17  (95)
whats the average iq of lawyers    12/10/17  (3)
Dealing with JAP inlaws during the holidays    12/10/17  (24)
hard for me to understand people who have been married like four times    12/10/17  (11)
BLASTING loud farts the likes of which you have not seen, heard or smelt in yea    12/10/17  (1)
Bill Watterson drew Calvin & Hobbes from age 27 to age 37    12/10/17  (72)
Is this a JEW or an ITALIAN?    12/10/17  (1)
Baker Mayfield was "too short, too slow" had to walk on ljl at sports coach frau    12/10/17  (1)
Seahawks Michael Bennett: lies about cops, no problem diving into snappers legs    12/10/17  (6)
It makes me happy that twins is not Jewish    12/10/17  (15)
Another holiday dealing with fat JAP bitches    12/10/17  (1)
XO Meetup huge success    12/10/17  (94)
Valen, did you know the UK has a GDP twice the size of Russia's?    12/10/17  (1)
Nutella worked and strived fot a decade+. Peterman clicked "buy" on coinbase    12/10/17  (33)
London's top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor exposed as a hoax    12/10/17  (2)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    12/10/17  (22)
poaster feuds are the worst part of this boart    12/10/17  (7)
Educated poors: must feel like shit knowing a 75k/secretary has more $ than you    12/10/17  (1)

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