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Tell me about your worst emotional pain.    03/20/18  (160)
Protips For Saving Money On Puppydood Expenses For PDPD #nutella    03/19/18  (123)
Why are black students punished so often? Minnesota confronts the quandary    03/19/18  (89)
taking q's about personal finance, crypto (exeunt)    03/20/18  (87)
Just settled a case for $50,000 with a picture of my client's penis (CSLG)    03/19/18  (86)
I name a cuisine, you tell me the best region of the country to find it    03/19/18  (83)
Cheatmoed with 22 yr old girl this weekend in my office, lol am so fucked    03/19/18  (77)
NYT: Institutional racism forces even rich black males into poverty    03/19/18  (75)
If you're having two kids is boy/boy or boy/girl more CR?    03/19/18  (66)
Cliffs on what lawman8 did to short quotemo?    03/20/18  (57)
Woman killed by an Uber self driving car in Tempe    03/19/18  (56)
Do any inhousemos here regret the fact that youre not a real lawyer?    03/19/18  (56)
How do libs plan to confiscate guns?    03/19/18  (56)
Equestrian tinder shrew says LOLNO! to baldmos (pic)    03/19/18  (50)
Hillary doubles down on comments in agonizingly lengthy Facebook screed    03/19/18  (49)
Why did refrigerators used to have little egg holders?    03/20/18  (46)
Would Tiger winning the Masters be the biggest sports story of the decade?    03/19/18  (45)
Jack Antonoff (former Lena Dunham bf) now dating young hot blonde model    03/19/18  (45)
Disgusting new spring break pics from daily mail    03/19/18  (44)
biglaw firms need to get their shit together re: en dashes and em dashes    03/19/18  (42)
Met a great girl, but she's addicted to YOGA. Teaches it, does it. Every day.    03/19/18  (42)
You're a lying rat and I want nothing to do w/you    03/20/18  (41)
DTP taking questions here (3/19/2018)    03/20/18  (40)
Is sqmo dead? Why is lawman8 talking about "killing" him?    03/20/18  (38)
Tax Q: should I get 3K return or $400? Used 2 diff softwares, chance it?    03/20/18  (37)
Couple abandons beautiful house for West Village shoebox to avoid black school    03/19/18  (36)
ITT recommend 1 thing that you are sure is a solid recommendation.    03/19/18  (35)
when will nutella make $1m/year 9-5 in house?    03/19/18  (35)
Girl said I made her pregnant. Taking Qs.    03/20/18  (34)
I'm thinking of buying this M1A SOCOM    03/19/18  (34)
Me and moderately chubby gf are actually trying to get her pregnant    03/19/18  (33)
DVP/DTP, I will out you tonight    03/20/18  (31)
If you think spaceporn = good poster, your IQ tops out at 115 max    03/19/18  (31)
Trumpmos, please describe your reactions to this tweet re: Austin bombings    03/20/18  (31)
Guitarmos - come ITT to recommend upgrades for my Fender Stratocaster    03/20/18  (30)
*Hands Amex to cashier* "Credit or debit?"    03/19/18  (30)
The NRA only has 5M members. WTF is it so powerful? Just media fake bogeyman?    03/19/18  (28)
Even Selena Gomez is fat now. Ljl modern life is such flame    03/19/18  (28)
Xi Jinping's coronation address is basically a declaration of war against Taiwan    03/20/18  (27)
Flyertalk autists MAF as DBG boards ahead of them due to service animal    03/19/18  (27)
ITT you divulge your Fortnite strategies    03/19/18  (27)
Do you realize how shitty your diet has to be to develop scurvy in 2018    03/19/18  (27)
Slate: Women profs score poorly on student evaluations. So, they're illegal.    03/19/18  (27)
KUSHNER flooded apartments with RATS to force rent-regulated tenants to leave    03/19/18  (27)
Facebook just fired its chief IT security officer over the disinformation stuff    03/19/18  (26)
If Mueller could find Iraq WMD, he can find Trump collusion?    03/20/18  (26)
Why isn't inflation more widely publicized?    03/20/18  (24)
Did George Foreman actually engineer the grill himself?    03/19/18  (23)
Lol so a poaster literally paid someone money to murder another poaster?    03/19/18  (23)
Jessica Jones season 2 is some of the worst TV I've ever seen    03/19/18  (23)