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Trumpmos IN FAVOR OF Iran war come bump this thread    07/23/18  (118)
Spaceporn here. in a fancy pants law firm taking deposition of bus driver    07/23/18  (39)
Trumpmos against IRAN WAR come bump this thread    07/23/18  (39)
Sacha cohen gets ga legislator to scream nigger    07/23/18  (32)
prole tell: showering in the AM rather than PM. also a whore tell.    07/23/18  (29)
New Predator movie to feature female Predators (link)    07/23/18  (18)
If escorts/hookers are readily available, how can any man be an incel?    07/23/18  (18)
"US" media has no power over Trump, and that makes them unhinged    07/23/18  (17)
The Milwaukee Brewers Josh Hader FIRED for racist tweets. Eat shit Trumpkins.    07/23/18  (16)
Why didnt Japanese milk Hiroshima like Jews did the holocaust?    07/23/18  (13)
J f c the transmission on my Honda Odyssey broke    07/23/18  (11)
Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon outed as a pedo    07/23/18  (10)
Should i get a buzz cut hair cut??    07/23/18  (9)
John Kerry just seen meeting with 3 Iranians in Paris (link)    07/23/18  (9)
Rate this video of Russian prison guards TORTURING an inmate    07/23/18  (9)
guess this white woman's age (pic)    07/23/18  (8)
$100 million, but u can only have sex with women nyuug has already fucked    07/23/18  (8)
Russian agent Maria Butina met with Obama officials in 2015 (link)    07/23/18  (7)
20-yr-old Iowa student goes missing while jogging    07/23/18  (6)
male dancers are often employed on cruise ships to dance with single females    07/23/18  (6)
reminnder: it was weird Paki NOWIG loser WMTP who insisted RSF didn't take an L    07/23/18  (6)
lol at this 30-something office shrew talking about tinder    07/23/18  (5)
Libs are FURIOUS over Trevor Noahs racist remarks about Australians (link)    07/23/18  (5)
your wife won't admit this. but she gets wet when your kid feeds from her breast    07/23/18  (5)
   07/23/18  (5)
realistically, nebraska is looking at a 4-8 season    07/23/18  (4)
getting ready for a hearing. tuning into 100.7 THEFEAR.fm    07/23/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 7/23/18    07/23/18  (4)
LOL another thread bites the dust    07/23/18  (4)
Good luck to today's LSAT takers. I know we have a lot of rising seniors here.    07/23/18  (4)
Do lawyers still wear leather jackets?    07/23/18  (3)
TCTP here. I am not Aztec or Mayan. I am descended from the Otomi peoples.    07/23/18  (3)
rat-faced busy body neighbor watching u like a hawk    07/23/18  (3)
1997: u r a senior at Iowa City West going 2 Smashing Pumpkins at Wells Fargo Ar    07/23/18  (3)
XO Daily Mail: Hope Hicks still with Rob Porter    07/23/18  (3)
"They were all white, actually." XO after YEARS of gook, turd, jew insults    07/23/18  (3)
I am a serb, I am a croat, and I am a muslim    07/23/18  (3)
WaPo: Racist History of Handicap Parking & Why It Should be Removed (link)    07/23/18  (3)
Libs coming after Bilbo Baggins for "There and Back Again"    07/23/18  (3)
Iranian oil blockade and American military response? UNNNNGGGHHHH    07/23/18  (3)
I thought XO was prestigious. Whys it full of stormfront hicks pushing fake news    07/23/18  (2)
Ljl at $port fraud    07/23/18  (2)
180 Japanese movie about actual boomer holocaust    07/23/18  (2)
in Costa Rica for a week, what to do? on papagayo peninsula.    07/23/18  (2)
barack hussein obama gave billions to Iran & Pakistan?    07/23/18  (2)
Insurance Chads fucking your Des Moines girlfriend while u play in dingy barcade    07/23/18  (2)
President Trump ordering the deliberate sinking the USS Barack H. Obama    07/23/18  (2)
Hollywood: Let's reboot classic movies and replace characters with Females!!!!!!    07/23/18  (2)
Naming my wifes daughter DubLynn    07/23/18  (2)