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oh god oh my husband wants to get involved politically    01/24/18  (79)
parents said they dont recognize me ive turned into something else    01/24/18  (33)
180 excerpt from the Stormy Daniels interview about Trump    01/24/18  (25)
Handsome Jacked Earl: Settles for azn poaster. NYUUG: Nah, Opportunity Cost!    01/24/18  (24)
i'm 6'3 230 lbs and i wouldnt fuck with this kid    01/24/18  (18)
6'5 250 silverback scratched the fuck out of my neck and face    01/24/18  (18)
Am I the only poaster that has sailed through the Suez, Panama, Straits of Magel    01/24/18  (14)
Would you date a racist chick?    01/24/18  (12)
serious question: I'm a lib but I relate more to conservatives, why?    01/24/18  (11)
Will NYUUG ever settle down with a good white woman, or just pwn poon 4eva?    01/24/18  (11)
Giving out ETH for 30 seconds.    01/24/18  (11)
Wholly shit @ these pics of Ellie Kemper & other Pton grads    01/24/18  (10)
xo is so toxic its fucking insane    01/24/18  (9)
Tennys Sandgren excorciates the fake news media in press conference    01/24/18  (9)
Chinese shadow debt becoming non-refinanceable. Global recession part 2 soon    01/24/18  (8)
Firefox Focus iOS = tcr Xo browser    01/24/18  (8)
RSF here, just got off the ice, weird geek Big Dog 12 STILL spamming about me?    01/24/18  (8)
*****Evan39: get your ass in here and thoughts on this family portrait*****    01/24/18  (6)
Rate This Harvard Graduation Speaker    01/24/18  (6)
Anyone used Tinder in Ireland?    01/24/18  (5)
we kid about him, but Evan39 is by far the consistently best poster here    01/24/18  (5)
Guy named Tennys plays tennis? Simulation not even trying anymore?    01/24/18  (5)
Do Libs Realize CHUNG+ Hates Niggers As Much As Tennys? #tennis    01/24/18  (5)
Amazing how Jewish women have cucked an entire race    01/24/18  (5)
Robert MEWLer    01/24/18  (5)
Larry Nassar did nothing wrong    01/24/18  (5)
Tennys Sandgren announces new coach: Margaret Court    01/24/18  (5)
Fucking cant stand my mother to a staggering degree    01/24/18  (4)
retro pic of a Republican family ***dynasty*** in politics    01/24/18  (4)
XO Tennys Sandgren Is One Of 18 Followers Of A Pepe Avatar #tennis    01/24/18  (4)
Found out my ex fiancee is going to abort my kid and won't let me see it.    01/24/18  (4)
Rep Mark Meadows summarizes Strzok texts connection w/Hillary    01/24/18  (4)
If you've ever banged a married/attached chick it's your duty to share your GF    01/24/18  (4)
Tennys Sandgren wearing Lacoste polo with Pepe instead of an alligator    01/24/18  (4)
Madison Keys will never win a major with Lindsay Davenport as her coach    01/24/18  (4)
Dirte here, rebuilding after earthquake    01/24/18  (3)
holdupholdupwhat and clean white glory sitting across from eachother in a diner    01/24/18  (3)
Jordan Petersons 12 Rules for Life is really good so far    01/24/18  (3)
San Francisco Board of Supervisors to EX Mayor London Breed: Ding Fag!    01/24/18  (3)
"Must stop Trump, hon! *ends HRC investigation* *alters Comey memo* (Peter Stzro    01/24/18  (3)
*blood flows to cock*    01/24/18  (3)
do i need an instagram account to view someone's "stories"?    01/24/18  (3)
San Junipero but its jjc going to a different business school every night    01/24/18  (3)
Study: Ridicule is Best Therapy for Stutter    01/24/18  (2)
wagecucks scurrying underground, speedwalking with podcasts blaring    01/24/18  (2)
I spent 3 years reading diaper posts before I attempted my first.    01/24/18  (2)
daily reminder: unhinged insanity turned up to 11 is the new normal    01/24/18  (2)
Can't believe most poasters don't know about A.B.I. (link)    01/24/18  (2)
rate this cute shitlib LA TIMES journalist    01/24/18  (2)